Energy Storage in the Greek Market – Latest developments & concerns on large scale storage Systems

Conference: BALKAN ENERGY FORUM | 24 MAY 2024 | KOZANI

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As Managing Partner of Wattcrop, I had the pleasure of participating in a panel of experts from organizations representing the Greek energy market. The discussion focused on key issues surrounding energy storage in Greece’s renewable energy sector.

Panel Moderator: Konstantinos Oureilidis, Professor University of West Macedonia

Panel Experts:

1. Nikos Chatziargyriou, Manager of Greek Αssociation of Εlectricity Storage Systems

2. Athanasios Dagoumas, President of RAEEY

3. Stelios Loumakis, President of SPEF

4. Giannis Panagis, President of the Hellenic Federation of Associations of Producers of Electric Energy from PV

5. Ypatios Moysiadis, Managing Partner of Wattcrop

6. Prasad Joshi, Vice President of Business Development, Greenko


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