Inside Cleantech – S2:E6 – Critical Mineral Key to Green transition | Jeff Townsend – CMA

Inside Cleantech – Series 2: Episode 6 – Critical Mineral Key to Green transition | Jeff Townsend – CMA

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At this series we discuss with experts, senior executives and influencers from the Cleantech and Renewable Energy Industry as well as from the Entrepreneurship and Investment World. Find out about their opinions on the future of Green Entech and Cleantech, get their insights on opportunities & risks, discover the secrets of successful businesses & ventures, learn from their successes and failures

On this interview, I am discussing with Mr Jeff Townsend, Founder of the Critical Minerals Association – CMA ( Critical Minerals Association aims to bring together changemakers and disruptors with experience across public affairs, communications, marketing, research, client relations and mining. Jeff, is sharing with us his thoughts and facts on how critical minerals are a key factor on our journey for the Green Transmission. We discuss geopolitics, Recycling and material recovery, security of supply, possible solutions for the western world, mining, ESG and many more. A must hear interview with mindblowing data that Jeff shares with us!

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This YouTube channel has been created out of the need to understand the drivers behind the Energy Transition and the necessity to move towards a sustainable economy. Entrepreneurs, innovators and startups will be at the forefront being the early adopters, the pioneers, the disruptors… Join us on this Journey!

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