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How the de-carbonisation agenda and the reduction of CAPEX drives forward deployment of RE in Europe

by Ypatios Moysiadis

Regardless whether you believe in the future of renewable energy, it is an undeniable fact that solar and wind have established themselves as mainstream generating technologies across the globe.

More and more often we see records being broken and whole countries running for consecutive weeks on green energy alone. The UK, for example, ran for a fortnight without burning any coal for electricity breaking a national record earlier this year.

China is the steam engine in this global transformation with Europe, US and India following behind.

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Solar Asset Management: Why it needs to evolve

by Ypatios Moysiadis

The solar industry has entered a new age of maturity. New opportunities and challenges are knocking on our door.  Conventional oil companies are racing to become the world’s biggest power firms. All the while utilities are looking to diversify their assets away from fossil fuels to cleaner and easily deployed renewable energy assets. Infrastructure funds are investing in solar and larger institutional investors want a slice of the market as it offers a predictable income for the long-term future.

With the massive reduction in solar project expenditure, we see new countries investing in solar and  “old markets” remerging in Europe, such as Spain, Italy and France. Asset owners are now faced with the new challenge of managing assets across different geographies, with different regulatory and environmental challenges, not to mention different business models (subsidised, power purchase agreements (PPAs), pure merchant, etc.).

This creates a perplexing scenario for service companies and, in particular, solar asset managers.

In order to assist service companies and asset managers’ transition to this new solar reality, asset management needs to evolve.

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Four main principles of good O&M and the challenges of the future that service providers will have to understand.

by Ypatios Moysiadis

I have been working in the Renewables for thirteen years. The last four, part of executive teams of core service providers across all mainstream technologies.

Year after year I have witnessed the industry evolve and becoming more mature. However, I firmly believe that there are some underlining principals that despite the progress and changes have remained the same and apply to all service providers both on solar and wind.

There are also specific challenges that the industry face as it passes through the maturing level.

In this article, I will try to outline those underlining principals and the future challenges that we should understand.

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Features of the best wind turbines, turbine engineers like, when working, on onshore wind assets

Co-authors : Kim Strengman & Ypatios Moysiadis  – This article was written by its authors on behalf of Greensolver and was first published in the company’s blog 

Very frequently clients are asking us, here at Greensolver, to give them tips and clues on which turbine is the best. Although this is a straightforward question, the answer is very complex and with many different aspects to consider.

The selection of a wind turbine manufacturer and the type of the turbine depends on multiple factors. It is challenging to compare manufacturers and models without specific project criteria. Factors like geographic location, environment (proximity to the sea or forests), climate conditions, soil, accessibility, local support and maintenance (team and contract) and many others play a crucial role on the design and selection process.

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P50 & P90 simplified: Two figures, all investors should understand, to build a reliable business plan when investing in wind assets

Co-authors : Perrine Bugeat & Ypatios Moysiadis – This article was written by its authors on behalf of Greensolver and was first published in the company’s blog 

When you invest in wind energy assets, whether they are new or you acquire them on the secondary market you should be aware of two key figures which are critical for your forecasting and business plan assumptions; these are P50 and P90.

One of the critical risks when investing in the wind energy sector is the inconsistency of the wind resource compared to the forecast. No one can predict the wind right. Energy yield assessment studies are performed by wind experts to provide the Net Yield and exceedance probability figures, to mitigate that risk

This article aims to simplify the terms and explain in plain English the difference between all the jargon, helping you to select the most appropriate figure when creating your revenue forecast and business model.

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Key solar O&M contract elements, asset owners, should adopt to improve their overall asset performance

Operation & Maintenance (O&M) is an integral of the critical services provided in any generating asset. Despite the significant drop in operational expenditure, the prices have been stabilised, and the services industry seems to follow the cycle of consolidation in the hope of reaching a critical scale. Part of the ongoing improvement that the industry is implementing is the adaptation of standardised processes and best practise guidelines which can help towards more efficient services and create a level competitive field for service providers in the industry.

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How can we define Sustainability?

Accelerated by the financial meltdown at the end of the previous decade, a growing demand for safe and cheap energy generation and the increased demand for green products and services by aware, informed consumers, the craze over sustainability is just as difficult to grasp as a hieroglyph. Looking at the extreme weather phenomena and the natural disasters over the last few years and also everything that comes out of the international Climate Change conferences COP21 and COP 24 it makes you wonder, is there a word more used and less understood than the S-word?

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How to identify, solar panel backsheet failure and actions that asset owners should take to protect their investment?

Co-authors : Ypatios Moysiadis & David Roissé – This article was written by its authors on behalf of Greensolver and was first published in the company’s blog 

Will backsheet of your solar panels ruin your solar asset?

Will the backsheet of your solar panels ruin your solar asset? A less known defect could occur on your solar panels: the backsheet degradation. Less visible than other well-known defects as hot spots, PIID, diodes failure, corrosion, delamination or cell cracks, but with similar consequences: accelerated performance degradation and ultimately failure of solar panels, thus affecting the LCOE.

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Can Disruptive Innovation and Start-ups provide the new “Miracles” tackling Climate Change?

Climate Change is a Fact. The world has just begun to understand and feel the magnitude of the damage caused in economic, social and environmental terms.

Unfortunately the time of the Prophets are long gone. No one can really predict the impact that climate change will have in our lives. Nobody can predict how the rise in temperature from greenhouse gases and the changes in weather patterns and precipitation will affect different areas in the world. There are many unknown variables and much to learn about the effect of climate change in agriculture production, economic activities and our health. Furthermore we need to ask ourselves whether the consequences of climate change or the threat of them can cause far worse problems and even violence.

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