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How the de-carbonisation agenda and the reduction of CAPEX drives forward deployment of RE in Europe

by Ypatios Moysiadis

Regardless whether you believe in the future of renewable energy, it is an undeniable fact that solar and wind have established themselves as mainstream generating technologies across the globe.

More and more often we see records being broken and whole countries running for consecutive weeks on green energy alone. The UK, for example, ran for a fortnight without burning any coal for electricity breaking a national record earlier this year.

China is the steam engine in this global transformation with Europe, US and India following behind.

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Solar Asset Management: Why it needs to evolve

by Ypatios Moysiadis

The solar industry has entered a new age of maturity. New opportunities and challenges are knocking on our door.  Conventional oil companies are racing to become the world’s biggest power firms. All the while utilities are looking to diversify their assets away from fossil fuels to cleaner and easily deployed renewable energy assets. Infrastructure funds are investing in solar and larger institutional investors want a slice of the market as it offers a predictable income for the long-term future.

With the massive reduction in solar project expenditure, we see new countries investing in solar and  “old markets” remerging in Europe, such as Spain, Italy and France. Asset owners are now faced with the new challenge of managing assets across different geographies, with different regulatory and environmental challenges, not to mention different business models (subsidised, power purchase agreements (PPAs), pure merchant, etc.).

This creates a perplexing scenario for service companies and, in particular, solar asset managers.

In order to assist service companies and asset managers’ transition to this new solar reality, asset management needs to evolve.

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