Inside Cleantech – S2:E5 – An institutional Investor’s Perspective | Eric Bjonerud – Macquarie GIG

Renewable Energy Investments – An institutional Investor’s Perspective | Eric Bjonerud – Macquarie GIG

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Cleantech Geek – Inside Cleantech Series – Series 2 : Episode 5

At this series we discuss with experts, senior executives and influencers from the Cleantech and Renewable Energy Industry as well as from the Entrepreneurship and Investment World. Find out about their opinions on the future of Green Entech and Cleantech, get their insights on opportunities & risks, discover the secrets of successful businesses & ventures, learn from their successes and failures.

On this interview, I am discussing with Mr Eric Bjonerud, Managing Director of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group. Macquarie’s GIG is an established global player on renewable energy investments. Eric, is sharing with us his thoughts on:

-Why institutional investors are now willing to take development risk.

-What are the current bottlenecks on accelerating investments in Renewables.

-What are the important key criteria when they invest in new markets and development platforms.

We also discuss about PPAs, the current energy crisis and the challenges in procurement and logistics.

Filmed in Macquarie’s Office Tower in London during the COP26 conference in Glasgow, Eric and I touch upon a controversial matter in the industry of CAPEX vs OPEX and share personal expectations from COP26 climate change conference.

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