Thoughts on the move – Monaco – S1:E1 – Startups: Valuation, Pitching & Refocusing on Sales

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Cleantech Geek Thoughts on the Move Series – At this series I will be producing short videos on the move from various locations. On this series I will be giving you my thoughts on issues that startups and companies face. From sales, marketing and leadership to sustainability and carbon footprint reduction. I will be sharing with you my point of view, my experiences, insights and personal leanings.

At this video I am discussing about a common mistake that many early stage startups do. We see more early stage startups concentrating on pitching for investment, running from pitching event to pitching event and completely neglecting sales which is the only thing that will sustain them and allow them to grow. Furthermore market validation through sales is guaranteed to bring in investors. So my advice, stop pitching for investment and start selling! Please watch the video and leave your comments below!

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