Identifying the 3 Key “Ingredients” for a successful Information System Project Development

Are you prepared to take on the next big IT project on your company? What a nightmare! In any given case in almost every company when dealing with Information System Development you face three highly explosive ingredients for a big bang, resulting in either delay or failure.

Meet the ingredients!

  1. The Client – Ever-demanding and in most cases lacking clear knowledge of the specifications or the project itself. He just wants you to complete his job at minimum cost and with great urgency. He needs the project done yesterday! He feels sorry and sympathetic towards the developers, but he pays so he demands!
  2. The Analyst – The connecting chain link, the multi-tasker, the translator, always under stress, running around just to survive. He is buried up to his neck in responsibilities, with back and forth communications, time schedules, deadlines, budgets, GANTT charts, demands and denials….
  3. The Programmer – Another breed of people, living in their own tech bubble lost between reality and virtual cyberspace. You need to hover over them just to keep them on time and in line with the project’s specifications and customer demands.

Do you need more? Mix the above into the leaking pot of myriads of applications and technological solutions and you have a ticking disaster on your hands!

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